Is space on green, amber or red travel list?

Virgin Galactic has been officially awarded a license to fly customers to space

Have you packed for a £600k Space Odyssey?

New competition offers the first prize to a young scientist who will come up with the best design of a nanosatellite

Consultation on green spaceflight from British soil lifts off

Government seeks views on the environmental impact of spaceflight

UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce join forces to develop nuclear-powered spacecraft engine

The technology is predicted to halve the projected duration of journeys to Mars to up to four months

Tesla Roadster takes one-way rocket ride to Mars

  Tesla and SpaceX plan to send one of Elon Musk’s electric sports cars to Mars on the back of their new rocket in a launch scheduled for later today. The CEO’s old Tesla Roadster will be strapped to the Falcon Heavy, which is able to lift nearly 64 metric tonnes into space, making it the […]

Banana vs space travel – battle of the CO2 footprint

Ever wanted to compare how much CO2 is emitted by ironing a shirt versus taking a space shuttle flight? Or how sending an email tallies against return flights from London to Hong Kong? That’s now possible with an online app which allows users to size up the carbon footprint of one everyday item or task […]