Spending Round 2019: Chancellor pledges £60m for air quality and net zero goal

Sajid Javid said leaving the EU provides an opportunity for Britain to set ‘world leading’ environmental standards

Spending Review: The good and bad for energy sector

Chancellor George Osborne’s Spending Review announced earlier this week has been welcomed by some in the energy sector but others feel he has taken a step back. The energy intensive industry described his announcement as “positive news” as it will be exempt from green taxes. Jeremy Nicholson, Director at the Energy Intensive Users Group told ELN: “It doesn’t […]

Industry reaction to the Spending Review

  ELN talks to the energy industry to get their reaction following Chancellor George Osborne’s Spending Review announcement.

DECC’s budget cut ‘will make life difficult’

The cuts to DECC’s budget announced as part of the Spending Review yesterday “will make life difficult”. That’s according to Shadow Energy Minister Alan Whitehead. It follows Chancellor George Osborne cutting the budget by 22%. Mr Whitehead said: “There are some good signs in terms of the development of funding for district heating networks but overall [there are] a […]

Shadow Energy Minister Alan Whitehead on Spending Review

  ELN Editor Sumit Bose talks to Shadow Energy Minister Alan Whitehead about Chancellor George Osborne’s Spending Review and what it means for energy.

Spending Review receives mixed reaction

Chancellor George Osborne’s Spending Review has received mixed reactions from the energy industry. His announcement included replacing the Energy Company Obligation with a “cheaper” efficiency scheme, cutting DECC’s budget by 22%. Funding for the renewables and nuclear industry has also been increased and the government has pledged to back fracking. It has been labelled “nonsensical” by Greenpeace. Policy Director, Doug Parr […]

Spending Review: Support for fracking and green energy, DECC budget slashed

  The UK Government has pledged to back both the fracking and renewable energy industry. Chancellor George Osborne made the announcement today as part of the Spending Review, which sets out his plans for the next four years. He said the goal is to invest in the long term economic infrastructure of the UK “and […]

Osborne: Defra will see 30% spending cut

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) is to see its spending reduced by around 30% in the next four years. Chancellor George Osborne revealed Defra, along with three other government departments, have reached a provisional agreement with the Treasury over the budget cuts. Making the announcement yesterday, he said: “These savings will […]

Energy on Infrastructure Commission’s agenda, will oversee £100bn investment

George Osborne has committed to spending £100 million in infrastructure projects, including energy, by the end of the decade. Launching the new National Infrastructure Commission, led by former Cabinet Minister Lord Adonis, the Chancellor set out plans today to “get Britain building”. The new eight-strong Commission panel is an independent body that will determine the […]

Chancellor promises “reliable energy” but no substance

Chancellor George Osborne promised the nation “reliable energy” today in his Spending Review but sketched out few new details of future energy infrastructure projects. Declaring to the Commons the “job of the state” is to provide the schools, science, transport links and “reliable energy that enable business to grow”, the Chancellor said “investing in our […]