Slow rural power hook-up nets SSE a £750,000 fine

SSE’s power distribution business has netted a £750,000 fine for taking its sweet time when connecting rural customers to the electricity network. Regulator Ofgem dished out the penalty to SSEPD for “not providing timely offers” to 200 customers in northern Scotland and the Highlands a year ago. The company didn’t make an offer to customers […]

SSE bags £8.3m for energy efficiency trial

The UK subsidiary of energy giant SSE has been awarded funding worth £8.3 million by Ofgem to trial a local energy efficiency initiative in the Solent. SSE Power Distribution (SSEPD) has joined forces with IT firm Maingate for the project, which will offer 4,000 householders a new energy efficiency technology to trial in their homes. […]

Communities chosen for EV charging tests

A £9 million project to find out how electric vehicles (EVs) affect local electricity networks has announced the seven communities that will take part in its ‘Technical Trials’. My Electric Avenue has selected Chiswick, Marlow, South Gosforth, South Shields, Wylam, Chineham and Whiteley as the guinea pigs. Ten people in each community will get a […]

SSE hopes to snip distribution costs by 10%

SSE is hoping to snip its distribution costs for supplying customers in central southern England and the north of Scotland by 10% in 2015. The supplier’s power distribution business SSEPD sent the plans on how it will run the local electricity network it owns and from 2015 to 2023 to energy regulator Ofgem yesterday. It […]

Zero carbon homes project tests energy storage

Scottish supplier SSE is testing out a new way of energy storage at its zero carbon homes project, which could cut the cost of green energy in the long run. The homes in Slough in the South East of England will use three 25kWh lithium-ion batteries which store energy from low carbon sources such as […]

Bad news for turkeys – Christmas power should be A-OK

It’s bad news for turkeys but better for hungry revellers in the Britain as power providers are expecting little disruption to supply over the holiday period. Last Christmas saw extreme weather beat down on parts of Scotland, bringing the worst conditions the country had seen in 25 years. Gale force winds hit 100mph in places […]