Firms not taking up energy efficiency ‘due to high upfront costs’

Businesses are not installing energy efficient technologies due to large upfront costs in the short term and savings only seen in the long term. That’s according to a new report which states the payback period for energy efficiency projects “varies greatly based on the client’s energy consumption and the technologies involved”. It adds: “Energy-saving lighting with movement sensors can have a […]

Nuclear clean-ups ‘cost Europe €100bn last year’

The eight largest nuclear plant operators in Europe were faced with €100 billion (£70bn) of debt for nuclear clean-ups last year. The figure accounts for 22% of their total debt, according to financial services firm Standard & Poor’s report. It adds European utilities are setting aside “large sums to cover the costs of decommissioning nuclear power plants […]

BG Group issue £750m of bonds

UK-based natural gas producers BG Group have issued £750 million of bonds. The 25-year bonds are due in November 2036 and pay a coupon of 5%. BG Group Chief Financial Officer, Fabio Barbosa said: “Today’s offering builds upon the equally successful $3 billion US bond issue we completed earlier this month. It also takes advantage […]

Nuclear ‘no subsidy’ stance won’t work says academic

Steve Thomas, professor of energy studies at Greenwich University, claims that the coalition government’s policy of offering no subsidies “will either lead to no new nuclear plants being built, or a humiliating climb-down if government wants new nuclear at any cost”. Writing in a special Labour conference edition of Parliament’s weekly magazine The House, Prof […]