US university invests $7.6m in energy research

Stanford University has awarded $7.6 million (£5.1m) for research on advanced energy technologies. Six research teams will share the fund to seek innovative solutions to climate change in industrialised and developing countries. The money will support the development of solar technologies, lightweight materials for vehicles and techniques to generate biofuels from Carbon Dioxide and minerals. It is part of […]

“Clusters” of quality wind turbines are best

A British firm has welcomed the idea “clusters” of quality wind turbines will work best in the future. As ELN reported this week, researchers at the University of Delaware (UD) and Stanford University said power generated by wind could hit a “saturation” point when too many turbines leave too little wind to extract. Phil McVan, […]

US economists urge Obama to push for global carbon tax

President Barack Obama should press for a global carbon tax, a Nobel Prize-winning Harvard economist has told ELN. Professor Eric S. Maskin from the Department of Economics at Harvard University suggested America should even adopt a carbon tax, like Europe has, to “set a good example” to the rest of the world. The comments come […]