McDonald’s supersizes funding for recyclable and compostable cups

The fast food chain has committed $5m to the NextGen Cup Consortium and Challenge

Starbucks rolls out 5p disposable cup levy to all UK stores

It will come into effect on 26th July and is part of the company’s plans to cut waste

Starbucks pledges to ditch plastic straws globally by 2020

They will be replaced with new lids designed for use without straws and paper or compostable alternatives

Starbucks sees 156% boost in reusable cups after 5p charge

It will also be testing alternative solutions for plastic straws across 54 stores in London and Manchester next month

‘Starbucks must get green plans off the grounds’

A non-profit group has called on Starbucks to fulfil environmental pledges it made in 2008

Coffee house says paper cup charge has bean overdue

Starbucks is testing a 5p paper cup charge across its London stores to reduce the amount of waste it creates. The scheme, which automatically adds the fee to the cost of a coffee, will be trialled across 35 London locations to see whether customers will actually stop using single-use paper cups in favour of greener […]

Starbucks cuts food waste latte in the day

Starbucks is to tackle food waste in the UK by offering discounts towards the end of the day. The coffeehouse chain’s initiative will see all leftover food in the last hour of trading to be sold at half-price – the proceeds will support charity partner Action Against Hunger’s global fight against child malnutrition. Following a […]

Starbucks expands 100% renewable commitment to Europe

Starbucks has expanded its commitment to sourcing 100% of its energy from renewable sources across all its stores in Europe. The expansion now sees more than 500 company-owned stores in the UK, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands powered by green sources including wind and hydropower. The announcement comes a year after the coffee chain signed […]

Just do it! Nike commits to 100% green energy

Nike, Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson are among 36 companies that have pledged to source 100% of their electricity from renewables. They have committed to reducing carbon emissions as part of the ‘RE100’ global campaign led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP. The campaign aims to encourage major businesses towards solely using green […]

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – A grandé cup of energy savings with extra cream please

In just my second week as a Starbucks partner (known as employee is most organisations), I was given the opportunity to be fully immersed into the global coffee chain’s culture by experiencing first-hand what makes the company such a success and how it goes about ‘inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one […]