MEES – Are you ready for April 1st?

With just over two weeks to go until the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are introduced in England and Wales…are you ready for the implications? This new legislation coming into force on 1st April 2018, will make it unlawful for a landlord to let or renew a lease on a property if the energy performance certificate […]

Industry updates you need to know

Starting on the 1st April 2018, there will be a few important energy industry changes coming into effect. With only a few months to go, now is the time to take action. DCP161 Introduced by Ofgem, DCP161 is coming into force to ensure that any half-hourly (HH) meter is billed fairly and correctly for its […]

Triad Season – Are you ready?

With the triad season starting in November and ending in February, is your business prepared for the changes ahead? Triads are the method used to set the price of Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges for non-domestic consumers with half-hourly meters. This charge is based on consumption for the three half-hourly settlement periods with […]

DCP 228 – What you need to know for April 2018

From April 2018, the new regulatory change from OFGEM, DCP 228 will alter the way in which electricity distribution charges are calculated. This will affect the way business properties are billed. Distribution charges currently account for up to 19% of your bill. As a result, you may look to re-examine the times at which you […]

Don’t get phased by ESOS – Start Phase 2 Now

With around 40% of organisations still remaining non-compliant four months on from the ESOS Phase 1 deadline (5th December 2015), we believe it’s essential for affected businesses to get a head start on Phase 2. ESOS is still mandatory and STC Energy, part of Inspired Energy PLC, are actively managing Phase 2 auditing, reporting and […]

What are you going to do with all that data?

With the introduction of P272 in April this year, what are businesses going to do with all the extra data from their newly classified half-hourly (HH) meters? HH meters will provide businesses with electricity consumption data every half hour, which means having much more data than you’ve ever had before. For some this valuable data […]

How to recover the millions firms are due from suppliers

An energy consultancy recently highlighted the ‘missing millions’ owed to businesses due to utility billing errors, but have failed to mention a solution in order to tackle this. So how do you get your money back? Historic Audits Conducting a thorough, historic utility bill audit going back six years will enable businesses to claim back […]

DCP 161 – have you got the capacity to change?

From 1st April 2018, DCP 161 will be in force. DCP 161 is a new measure which has been introduced by Ofgem to ensure that half hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their assigned available capacity pay significantly more. It is a change to the DCUSA (Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement) that will introduce […]

Hounslow Council appoints STC Energy

Hounslow Council appointed STC Energy to undertake bureau services for their corporate estate. Part of the service includes monitoring of the solar panel array and storage facilities at Western International Market. This £2m scheme conducted by Hounslow Council involved the installation of 6,000 solar panels on Western International Market and is the biggest solar scheme […]

Reducing DUoS Red Band charges

What is DUoS? DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges are levied by the UK’s regional DNO (Distribution Network Operator) and have a significant impact on electricity costs. These costs go towards the operation, maintenance and development of the UK’s electricity distribution networks. DUoS charges are paid by the end user to the supplier who will […]