Solar technology hots up with new storage tech

A thermal energy storage solution said to be 95% cheaper than standard panels linked to lithium-ion batteries has been launched. The project from United Sun Systems and the DoE’s Savannah River National Laboratory uses a 14-metre diameter parabolic dish covered with mirrors to focus the solar rays, creating temperatures of 750°C. The technology uses metal-hydride […]

Energy storage mines new ground with kinetic battery

A company developing gravity-based methods of storing energy in disused mine shafts has secured £650,000 from Innovate UK. Edinburgh-based Gravitricity’s technology uses excess power to lift and suspend a massive weight of up to 2,000 tonnes, using a series of cables and winches. When energy is needed, the weight can be released in less than a […]

Battery partnership plans 41MW site in Midlands

A new partnership aims to build one of the world’s largest battery storage facilities in the UK. Energy infrastructure firm General Electric (GE) has won a contract from storage developer Arenko to deliver a 41MW battery system capable of supplying on-demand power to approximately 100,000 UK homes. The companies expect it to help reduce energy bills […]

E.ON offers customers ‘virtual battery’ for solar

E.ON has announced it is offering its customers the chance to store their own solar power, without having to install batteries. The energy supplier will allow households to store unlimited amounts of self-generated electricity on virtual accounts after feeding the energy back to the company. This means they can save up an electricity credit balance […]

Power network operators unveil £17bn smart grid plan

Householders and businesses in the UK could sell their own energy within a local power network under new smart grid plans unveiled today. Electricity network operators across England, Scotland and Wales have committed to deliver £17 billion of benefits by 2050 as a result of the overhaul of the networks. They have announced a joint […]

US-Israel fund invests $4.8m in clean energy

A programme funded by the US and Israeli Governments has announced $4.8 million (£3.6m) for five new clean energy projects. The Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy programme is a joint partnership between the US Department of Energy, the Israel Ministry of Energy and the Israeli Innovation Authority. The funding will support projects in […]

German supermarket METRO to make solar savings

A German wholesaler has teamed up with E.ON to launch what it says is one of the largest solar and storage rooftop systems in the country. METRO Cash & Carry Deutschland will work with the supplier to install the renewable energy equipment on the roofs of 30 of its buildings, enabling it to generate its […]

Capturing CO2 from air? That rocks!

A new technology absorbs carbon dioxide straight from the air and stores it permanently in underground rock. Developer Climeworks has partnered with Reykjavik Energy for its CarbFix2 pilot project, which will see an existing geothermal power plant in Iceland fitted out with the capture and storage equipment. The company says its Direct Air Capture (DAC) […]

CCS network ‘could deliver £160bn to UK economy’

An East Coast carbon capture and storage (CCS) network could boost the UK economy by around £160 billion between now and 2060. That’s the findings of a new report, which adds the benefits of a large-scale CCS scheme could outweigh costs by as much as £129 billion. Under the proposed scheme, dedicated CO2 infrastructure would […]

Shell, Statoil and Total join forces for CCS

Three oil giants have joined forces to deliver large scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Norway. Shell, Statoil and Total have signed a partnership agreement to mature the development of CCS on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Earlier this year, the Norwegian Government awarded a contract to Statoil for the first phase of the […]