Research examines maritime "choke points" in oil industry

A study from research institute, Chatham House, has identified maritime “choke points” as a key issue for international policy decisions regarding the energy sector. The choke points are key passages in the global energy transport system such as the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, Bab Al-Mandab, the Suez Canal, the Turkish Straits and the Strait […]

Iran blockade could spike oil prices by 30%

The Iran oil embargo enacted by the G20 could potentially lead to oil prices spiking by up to 30%, the International Monetary Fund has warned. Iran currently supplies over 5% of the world’s oil and oversees the passage of 40% of the world’s exports through the Straits of Hormuz, which is vital for the shipment […]

Iran blockade puts pressure on US energy independence

Members of Securing America’s Future Energy’s (SAFE) have said that the recent threat of blockade made by Iran is just another reason for America to become energy independent. The Energy Security Leadership Council (ESLC) are a group of business executives and retired senior military leaders who believe that US dependence on imported oil poses an […]