Fire drill-style tests in Europe planned to boost energy security

EU countries could carry out fire drill-style tests which simulate gas supply disruptions under new plans to check how well they can cope in a crisis. The “stress tests” idea was announced today by Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, as part of a new Energy Security Strategy. The tests would take […]

Nuclear stress tests “every six years” under EU plans

The UK may have to run stress tests on its nuclear power stations every six years under new plans put forward by the European Commission. The EU’s governing body proposed the legally binding reviews last week in yet another example of worldwide efforts to tighten up safety in the wake of the Japanese nuclear disaster […]

Nuclear ‘stress test’ gives UK good safety report

The UK’s nuclear power stations have no fundamental weaknesses, according to the latest safety ‘stress test’ by regulators. A report published today by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), the UK’s independent nuclear safety regulator, finds UK sites have identified and made improvements to boost safety. Stress tests in countries around the world were prompted […]