Supercharge your electric car at Sainsbury’s

You can now top up your electric car while shopping at Sainsbury’s. Tesla has installed its Supercharger stations at stores in Winchester, Exeter and Bristol. The Model S Supercharger has a range of 312 miles per charge, which the company claims is more than enough to cover daily commutes and the “majority of driving scenarios”. […]

Tesla unveils new EV Supercharger in Cheshire

A new superfast charging point for electric vehicles has been opened in Cheshire by automotive giant Tesla. Located at the Park Royal in Warrington, the new Supercharger is capable of providing half a charge in as little as 20 minutes for Tesla’s Model S. It claims the car can travel up to 285 miles on […]

Tesla brings ‘free electric highway’ to the EU

Drivers who own Tesla’s electric car can now charge their vehicles for free when travelling between cities in Norway. Dubbed the ‘Supercharger’, it will help consumers that drive the Model S EV (pictured) charge their cars 20 times faster than most common charging stations, providing half a charge in around 20 minutes, the carmaker claims. […]