Aldi swims to the top of sustainable supermarket seafood

A new report suggests its seafood range is greener than that of other supermarkets such as M&S, Morrisons and Iceland

Dutch supermarket opens ‘world’s first’ plastic-free aisle

A supermarket in the Netherlands has unveiled what is claimed to be the world’s first plastic-free aisle. Ekoplaza’s new pilot store in Amsterdam, created in collaboration with British environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, allows shoppers to choose from 700 everyday products free from plastic. Milk is sold in glass bottles, fruits and vegetables are […]

Asda’s new pledges to fight plastic waste

Asda has become the latest supermarket to join the fight against plastic waste. It has pledged to “use less and recycle more”, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging by 10% this year and work with suppliers and experts to find new ways to replace it and introduce more recyclable solutions. It […]

Aldi commits to halving food waste by 2030

Aldi has committed to halving food waste in its business by 2030. The supermarket chain made the announcement as it joined the Champions 12.3 network, which aims to reduce food waste in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It will also work with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to better engage its […]

Tesco supports plastic bottle return scheme

Tesco supports the UK’s proposed plastic bottle return scheme. The supermarket giant has announced it is behind the implementation of a Deposit Return System (DRS) if it could be achieved practically and cheaply across the country. The firm thinks a plastic return initiative should be introduced as only one aspect of a wider approach to […]

Supermarkets cut petrol price below £1 a litre

The largest supermarkets have cut the price of petrol to less than £1 per litre. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda have reduced prices as oil fell to below £40 per barrel. Last week, data from the RAC revealed it will lead to a cut of three pence a litre in the average price for petrol and […]

Tesco’s plastic bag use down 80% after 5p charge

Plastic bags used by customers at Tesco in England has been cut by almost 80% in a month. That’s a consequence of introducing the government’s five pence bag charge, according to the supermarket. The charge is applied to all retailers with 250 or more full-time employees and aims to cut the number of plastic bags taken from shops […]

Co-op to re-invest 5p Scots plastic bag charge

Supermarket Co-op plans to pump all the money it makes from re-usable bags and carrier bags into Scottish community projects. Scotland’s compulsory charge on plastic bags comes into effect on 20th October. The recycling body tasked with stamping out waste in Scotland is encouraging retailers to sign up to its Carrier Bag Commitment and donate […]

Sainsbury’s to open “triple zero” green supermarket

Sainsbury’s is opening a store it claims is “triple zero” – that is, emitting zero carbon emissions from the energy it uses, sending no waste to landfill and with zero impact on water use in its local area. Opening on Wednesday, the supermarket says the new 81,700 sq ft Leicester branch is its most environmentally […]

Sainsbury's head of energy at EL2013

The head of energy at Sainsbury’s will be joining the debate at the Energy Live 2013 conference next month. Phil Osborn has extensive experience in the procurement and management of energy, engineering and facilities services across a variety of sectors. With Sainsbury’s boasting a great track record in energy and carbon emissions reductions, Mr Osborn […]