‘Regulation needed to put UK’s heating on path to net-zero by 2050’

That’s the verdict from the Sustainable Energy Association, which has published a new report proposing a carbon intensity regulation should be implemented

‘Policy must support low carbon heat and energy efficiency’

Simultaneously supporting low carbon heat and energy efficiency should be a key objective of energy policy. That’s according to a new report from the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA), which says addressing one of these areas without the other is a flawed approach and will not benefit homeowners, investors and government in the long term. The […]

Micropower Council "morphs" into Sustainable Energy Association

The Micropower Council has rebranded itself the Sustainable Energy Association, a move it says reflects the link between energy efficiency, microgeneration and using low carbon energy in buildings. At a reception in the House of Commons on Monday, Baroness Maddock who sits on the SEA’s board said the new name “fits better what we’re about”. […]