Syngas…a clean, green solution for MW scale CHP

Whilst it burns with a blue flame, syngas’ credentials are quite definitely green. This synthesis gas, produced by applying a thermal process to biomass or combustible waste-derived materials, is a hydrogen-rich gas which, although unsuitable for exporting directly to the gas network, makes an exceptional fuel to power traditional reciprocating engines, generating both heat and […]

Running a modern EfW plant…it’s a gas!!!

When it comes to turning waste into energy, there’s a technique which really takes it into the 21st century….called gasification. Unlike the outdated incinerators and combustion plants of yesteryear, many of which wouldn’t look out of place as a 1920’s industrial set in Peaky Blinders, these state-of-the-art facilities are now coming of age and providing […]

New process converts emissions to clean fuel

A new process could convert captured greenhouse gas emissions into a useful fuel. The technique, developed by scientists at the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) Idaho National Laboratory (INL), could help carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies become more widely implemented by making them much more economically viable. The researchers have developed an efficient process […]

Modular and scalable CHP from waste-derived fuel

Refgas’ CHP plant in Royal Wootton Bassett (pictured) uses low grade wood from construction and demolition waste to generate both heat and electricity. The surprising thing is the plant’s modest footprint, compared to its generating capacity. The whole development, including feedstock storage, gasification, engines/generator sets, biochar management, water treatment and control centre is neatly laid […]

Grid connection or diesel generator? Maybe there’s another option!

When it comes to sourcing an electricity supply, most companies look no further than plugging into the grid and buying their power at retail prices. Where a secure and continuous supply is critical, many have back-up systems with standby generators or UPS – and when environmental issues are important, a few may have roof-mounted solar […]

When is a waste not a waste?

Handling, transporting and treating waste materials can be a complex and expensive business. Combusting or treating such materials in any sort of thermal process gives you an even bigger headache, with a multitude of environmental, legislative, planning and licensing issues to overcome. That is, of course, unless you’re a company called Refgas . Based […]

Burning coal undersea could be fuel of the future

Burning coal under the seabed sounds like a crazy idea – but experts believe it is a safer, cleaner way of getting fuel out of the ground than traditional coal mining. Called underground coal gasification (UCG), the process of turning solid coal into gas deep underground gets at the coal trapped in tricky seams of […]

Green homemade petrol from sunlight within decades

Air, water and sun – not just a rejected band name but also apparently the recipe for homemade green petrol. Cambridge researchers say in a matter of decades households could be using sunlight to synthesise their own fuel, using a method that mimics the natural process of photosynthesis. It works by using solar energy to […]

New system cuts fuel use in gas-fired power plants

A new technology that adds solar energy to existing gas-fired power plants promises to cut fuel use by 20%. Researchers at the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) claims their system (pictured) converts natural gas and sunlight into a more “energy-rich fuel” called syngas, which power plants can burn to generate electricity. The system uses […]

UK waste to energy company makes £2.5m acquisition

PowerHouse, an alternative energy company specialising in the manufacture and sale of zero emission waste-to-energy equipment systems, has taken over German-operated Pyromex Holding. PowerHouse paid £2.5m for the acquisition of the remaining 70% of the company. The deal has potential for a further consideration of £30.5 million dependent on the achievement of the profit targets […]