Majority of consumers ‘like the idea of smart local energy systems’

That’s according to a new survey which explores how the public feel about homes and businesses generating and selling their own clean power

Cyber-threats ‘to become more frequent and destructive’

Accenture suggests perpetrators are largely looking to disrupt business operations, make money or conduct espionage

Guest Blog – Mervyn Bowden: Where should energy sit?….

Where in your organisation should the energy function sit? This isn’t quite as daft a question as it may sound first time around when you consider the large number of variant functions within “energy” functions – from complex risk management processes to, literally, changing light-bulbs (energy efficient ones of course!). I’ve seen energy functions reporting […]

Carlsberg cuts energy use by 10%

Probably the best energy monitoring system in the world….? Well, probably not, but a system picked Carlsburg is certainly getting the beer giant to say ‘Cheers!’ Carlsberg UK is using the new energy monitoring system to make its brewing process more efficient. The brewery was looking for a system that could import and calculate weekly […]