Charge Upp your phone with portable fuel cell

It’s the maddening drawback for a smartphone user – running out of battery. A new device to power electronic kit such as phones, tablets and games consoles could change all that – and it’s a miniature fuel cell. Called the Upp fuel cell, it delivers at least one week of charge. It works by taking […]

Watch football in the pub or on tablet – it cuts ‘carbon bootprint’

Would you rather watch the nation’s favourite game in the comfort of your home in front of the big screen or with the lads in a pub? Well, if you’ve always enjoyed the latter, then you’ve been, unknowingly, doing your bit for the environment! A new report by Carbon Trust has revealed sharing a television […]

Gazprom wants £2.4m tablet for CEO

Russian oil giant Gazprom is searching for a tablet worth up to 119.7 million rubles (£2.4m) for its chief executive. The computer device should be based on Apple’s operating system and match the way Alexey Miller’s desktop computer works, according to a tender on the firm’s Gazprom Inform website which appears to have now been […]