Could old oil tankers be repurposed as clean energy power plants?

ShipEco Marine Limited says the answer is yes – it plans to fit vessels with vertical pistons to turn the power of waves into electricity

Coryton set to close

ELN visits Coryton and hears how those facing redundancy feel

Davey to meet haulier bosses

The Energy Secretary is meeting with haulier bosses later today to discuss possible strike action from fuel tanker drivers. The Government has come under fire this week for sending mixed messages about how the public should prepare for the fuel strike, with a Cabinet Minister apologising for initially advising the public to fill up their […]

Tanker strike would be ‘huge distraction’ for economy

The Freight Transport Association is criticising plans for a tanker strike, warning of the negative effect it could have on the growth of the UK’s economy. The union Unite today asked its members to vote on whether to take industrial action over pay cuts and unfair changes to terms of employment. This afternoon workers voted […]

Tanker vote is in: ‘Yes’ to strike action

Tanker drivers from Britain’s largest union today voted in favour of strike action in protest over safety concerns and “growing” job insecurity in the fuel industry. Members of Unite working for five major fuel distribution firms delivering fuel for household names, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, BP, Shell and Esso backed industrial action by an average of […]

Oil tanker strike threat

Oil tanker drivers are threatening strike action, according to the union Unite. Britain’s largest union is holding a ballot today to determine whether its 2,000 tanker driver members will begin industrial action over what it says are unfair employment terms. The ballot closes this afternoon. Unite claims “behind the scenes, the major employers have been […]