Thames Water lifts hosepipe ban

The water company imposed the measure three months ago

‘Drinking water being used to cool London data centres’

Data centres across London are using drinking water to prevent overheating, Thames Water has confirmed

Time for a water grid?

The government is considering a plan that will enable water supply transfers between regions

Turn the taps off Boris!

Prime Minister is urged to set an example to the rest of the country by reducing his water usage

Village becomes ‘UK’s first’ area to run out of water

Villagers of Northend, Oxfordshire have been given bottled water

UK urged to introduce more hosepipe bans as ten-day heatwave kicks off

Environment Secretary has urged companies to introduce hosepipe bans to safeguard UK’s reservoirs

Petroleum products found in tap water of homes near Pearl Harbor

Officials urged people living on a military base in Hawaii not to drink or consume tap water