Guest Blog: npower’s Johnny Wilson on TELCA Roadshows

Johnny Wilson is Head of Indirect Sales, responsible for leading the relationship that npower’s Business Solutions team has with energy consultants and brokers. Here he shares news of the forthcoming TELCA Roadshows and regional awards.   TPIs hit the premiership This year’s TELCA Roadshows are taking inspiration from the world of football, when we visit […]

Editorial – Ofgem listens on road trip to clarity

When I was younger, err much younger, I always wanted to be in a band going on a crazy tour. My guitar playing alas was poor, my singing in need of an auto-tune, however I had that dream. I wanted to experience the thrill of a different audience every night, the joy of the road […]

Editorial – Ofgem to now talk at our TPI roadshows

As you couldn’t have failed to notice, our Code of Conduct Crusade is firmly underway. It’s certainly got a bit of debate going and if you saw my last editorial you’ll know the UIA have got involved too. I welcome this, we may not share a lot in common but I believe the UIA has […]