Offshore connection tenders ‘saved UK £700m’

The costs for linking offshore wind farms to the UK grid has been reduced by at least £700 million so far. Ofgem claims that’s the result of its tendering regime, which chooses the most competitive bids made by firms to own and run links to offshore wind farms over a 20-year period. The latest figures from […]

Three bidders unveiled for £700m wind farm windfall

Ofgem has revealed three preferred bidders to own and operate £700m worth of transmission links to seven offshore wind farms. The trio are Balfour Beatty Capital, Macquarie Capital Group and Transmission Capital Partners. Ofgem and the Department of Energy and Climate Change want to encourage investment in high voltage transmission links for the potential 50GW […]

Public sector spends £221bn on procurement

Public sector procurement should be streamlined in a bid to save money and make life easier for the private sector. Chairman of the Greening the Public Sector, Colin Cram, said: “Public sector procurement spend is £221bn. It’s a massive amount, accounting for one third of public sector expenditure. We have a right to expect that […]