Cyberattacks on London’s power grid ‘could cost £111m a day’

A new report suggests a cyberattack on the capital city’s electricity networks would be likely to disrupt more than 1.5 million people

INEOS ‘puts national security at risk’ at refinery

A petrochemical firm has been accused of putting national security at risk after ignoring security advice from a branch of MI5. INEOS allegedly refused to pay for counter-terrorism measures to be installed at its massive Grangemouth Refinery, where about 40% of the oil produced in the UK is processed. The site is classified as Critical […]

Spies and bombs threaten Canadian energy

A Canadian spy agency says the nation’s energy firms are at high risk from espionage and terrorism. According to newspaper reports, a classified document from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) warns the sector has become a global target for both cyber and real-world attacks. It suggests companies involved in financial transactions with foreign states […]

‘COP21 is more important than dealing with ISIS’

The COP21 conference in Paris is more important than dealing with ISIS. That’s the view of Professor Julia Meaton from the University of Huddersfield who believes that “the dangers posed by climate change make the struggle with ISIS look like a local skirmish”. Speaking to ELN she said: “When we start looking at the impacts […]

Editorial – People are the real price of energy…

Today we will probably face some harsh realities. The situation in Algeria is looking tragic in the extreme and I expect by the end of the day there will be several dozens of fatalities after the kidnap of gas workers at the In Amenas plant by islamic militants. The loss of life whatever figure it […]