Tetra Pak says the carton’s half full for renewable energy

The packaging firm now sources 50% of its electricity from clean generation

Tetrapak pours all-renewable carton onto shelves

When the people of Finland pop down to the shops to buy a pint of milk this week, some will be among the first customers in the world to get a carton that is made entirely from renewable plant material. A Finnish dairy producer Valio is selling lactose free semi-skimmed milk in the packages by Tetra […]

Nice package! Tetra Pak trials cartons from sugar cane

Packaging firm Tetra Pak is developing cartons from Brazilian sugar cane. From 2014 it will trial a bio-based plastic made with sugar cane for all Tetra Pak packages made in its Brazilian factories. Up to 13 billion cartons will be made using the plastic, a low density polyethylene (LDPE), which comes from ethylene produced with […]