Fund for small-scale renewables raises nearly £84m

A private equity fund investing in small-scale renewable energy and resource efficiency projects in South East Asia has raised $130 million (£83.6 million) in it’s third closing. The Armstrong South East Asian Clean Energy Fund expects to make 10 to 15 investments over its 10-year life, putting between $5 million  (£3.2 million) and $12 million […]

Thai oil leak threatens beauty spot Koh Samet

Around 50 litres of crude oil which leaked into the Gulf of Thailand over the weekend have reportedly reached the shore and threaten to tarnish a Thai beauty spot. White-suited workers were yesterday frantically trying to stop too much oil reaching the Koh Samet island after a pipeline carrying crude oil leaked as much as […]

Thailand boosts solar capacity to 3GW by 2021

Thailand has announced plans to increase its solar generating capacity by 50% more than its previous target, reports claim. The Government has approved new subsidy rates for rooftop and village-based solar projects, with the aim of adding 3GW of capacity by 2021. The Ministry of Energy said it will work with a state-run credit provider, […]

Huge farm shows Thailand is solar “magnet”

A huge new solar power farm in Thailand is a sign the nation is becoming a “magnet” for renewable energy investment. That’s the view of energy firm REC which installed 41,000 solar panels at the new 9.5 MW Chiang Rai power plant. Covering 24 hectares of rugged, mountainous land in northern Thailand, the plant is […]

Could Thailand face energy blackouts?

Fears have been raised that Thailand could face power blackouts in April if it doesn’t get to grips with an impending energy crisis. The nation is preparing for a huge national holiday where thousands celebrate over a couple of days, culminating in Songkran or Thai New Year on 13 April. Pailin Chuchottaworn, CEO of state-owned […]

UK efficiency firm snaps up global technology rights from Japan

UK efficiency firm powerPerfector has snapped up the global rights to its energy saving technology from the Japanese supplier. Angus Robertson, powerPerfector’s CEO for the London-based company said the deal represents a “huge opportunity” to build a global presence in places like Australia, South Africa, China, Thailand and the Philippines. The Voltage Power Optimisation device […]

Pudding power: Tapioca gets its just desserts

An unlikely biofuel source has emerged in the form of the tapioca plant. Viaspace Green Energy produce Giant King Grass from the cassava (tapioca) plant, which is a low-carbon, renewable biomass crop. Viaspace will deliver the plant to an adapted power plant in Thailand, which will convert the tapioca plant into 1,000,000 litres of bioethanol […]