India invests €26.6m to improve thermal plants

India is investing €26.6 million (£17.1m) to improve two thermal power stations in the state of Gujarat. Two energy companies, Alstom and NASL, won the contract to renovate two steam turbines at the Ukai and Wanakrobi facilities. They will boost the turbines capacity from 200MW to 1,350MW in Ukai and 1,470MW in Wanakbori. The upgrades will increase […]

No pressure – are steam condensers unsung winners of clean energy?

Are steam condensers the unspoken winners of the clean energy drive? According to a new report on the impact of rising renewable energy, makers of the machines which play a key role in thermal power can expect a lot of change in future. The global market for steam condensers could jump more than a billion […]