Solar technology hots up with new storage tech

A thermal energy storage solution said to be 95% cheaper than standard panels linked to lithium-ion batteries has been launched. The project from United Sun Systems and the DoE’s Savannah River National Laboratory uses a 14-metre diameter parabolic dish covered with mirrors to focus the solar rays, creating temperatures of 750°C. The technology uses metal-hydride […]

€100m for wastewater plant in Helsinki

Helsinki is receiving €100 million (£71m) for a new wastewater plant. The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing the cash to Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) to build the project in the capital of Finland. The new plant, located in west Helsinki, will be operational by the end of 2020 and will treat “the wastewater […]

Viennese firm gets €270m for efficiency upgrade

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided the second installment of a €270 million (£227m) funding to a Viennese firm for energy efficiency measures. The cash will help Wiener Wohnen – an apartment management company believed to be the largest in Europe – improve the thermal energy efficiency of municipal housing. Initial funding under the […]

ETI seeks partners for energy efficiency retrofit project

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners to participate in a retrofit project aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes. The partners will be part of the ETI’s £100 million Smart Systems and Heat (SSH) technology programme announced last year. The project includes retrofitting a selected number of different domestic properties and further […]

Online mapping portal shows heat loss from properties

Businesses and householders in Portsmouth will now be able to identify thermal inefficient properties through a new online mapping portal (pictured). Using specialist thermal sensors mounted on a survey aircraft, aerial mapping company Bluesky recorded the heat loss from buildings across the city on a cold winter night. The data was then matched to address […]

UK renewable energy to equal thermal by 2025

Renewable energy capacity in the UK could match that of the thermal sector by 2025. That’s according to GlobalData’s latest report, which predicts the installed capacity of renewable energy could reach 79GW by 2025, just 2GW less than the predicted thermal installed capacity. It claims the renewables industry is set to quickly grow from the […]

UK and China team up for energy storage systems

A UK University has teamed up with China to create a joint research institute for developing energy storage systems. The University of Leeds is working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to focus on thermal and mechanical based energy storage systems. These new technologies are expected to overcome problems with other methods such as batteries […]

Energy waste in households research gets funding

Bath University has secured a grant of £1.5 million from the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council for research into energy efficient behaviour. Academics are investigating attitudes to energy use in the home and aim to design an innovative ‘smart system’ to change habits and reduce energy-driven carbon emissions. The team says the UK’s move […]

Sun sets on US solar firm’s big day

A major US solar thermal technology company today announced that it decided not to pursue its initial public offering due to “adverse market conditions.” Many in the renewable sector will be shocked by the news, as BrightSource Energy had high hopes after receiving major backing from Google, Siemens and NRG Energy as well as securing […]

Solar tower will generate power at night

A developer of solar thermal technology has completed the building of a 540 foot tower in Nevada, taking it one step closer to providing power from the sun, at night time. US company SolarReserve is building a system which works by heating molten salt, which can then be stored for up to 15 hours before […]