Should energy efficient homes pay lower stamp duty?

The stamp duty paid on homes that are energy efficient should be up to £2,500 less than those that aren’t. That’s the suggestion of thinktank Policy Exchange, which believes the change to stamp duty could lead to 270,000 households a year improving their energy efficiency. It proposes linking the stamp duty system to the energy […]

Britain following ‘worst of all worlds’ offshore wind strategy

The UK Government is not doing enough to attract offshore wind turbine makers and its plans to encourage new wind farms are expensive and flawed, a new study has found. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said the British Isles have “ideal building conditions” but is not being taken advantage of and more needs […]

EV charging points rolled out in Portugal

Portugal has mounted a pilot electric vehicle project that will see 1350 charging stations rolled out across the country. This includes 1,300 slow charging stations for electric vehicles and 50 fast charging stations. The move reveals Portugal’s confidence in the success of EV, as it boosts the country’s share in the technology: at the end […]