Fixed energy contracts have "hidden costs"

Energy contracts that are fixed “are not what they claim to be” and could have “hidden costs” attached to them. That’s the warning from ENER-G Procurement, which suggests fixed contracts could include “third party charges” such as delivery network and environmental taxes and levies. The firm is advising businesses to check the small print as […]

Guest Blog – Filippo Gaddo: Who’s boosting our bills?

Energy prices are never far away from news headlines these days. Every other week a price increase (or reduction) from one of the utilities or a report published by the government or some independent party brings back the attention to how much energy prices have increased, are increasing or will increase. So it was with […]

Guest Blog Filippo Gaddo: Bye cheap energy, hello charges

Another winter and another round of price rises. The Office for National Statistics blames most of the inflation for December on energy and food costs; consumer groups blame big energy companies and the Government is happy to chip in. Same old, same old, you could say – but not this time. Firstly, this isn’t temporary […]