Australia unveils poo-powered heat plan for homes

Wastewater will power thousands of homes in Sydney

Glasto mud toilet sculpture wants a climate chat

A sculpture has been made at Glastonbury to raise awareness of the climate and water crisis

World Cup victory leaves Tokyo flushed with joy!

The city’s waterworks bureau anticipated the surge in usage and adjusted supply and pressure accordingly

Is this waterless toilet a clean flush for energy access?

An innovative toilet can turn waste into renewable power and doesn’t need water to flush anything away. Cranfield University’s Nano Membrane Toilet was developed to provide people around the world suffering from limited access to sanitation, water or electricity with a clean and affordable toilet in their homes. It uses a rotating mechanism to ‘flush’ […]

Solar-powered waterless toilet to be unveiled in India

A revolutionary toilet that doesn’t require any water and is fuelled by the sun is set to be unveiled in India this month. Designed and built using a $777,000 (£467,299) grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the waterless toilet uses innovative technology that heats human waste to a high enough temperature to sterilise […]

Flushing waste costs Scottish Water £7m a year

Blockages caused by household waste – such as baby nappies, wipes and grease – being flushed down the toilets are costing Scottish Water millions of pounds every year. The company has revealed it spends around £7 million a year clearing more than 45,000 blockages in the sewer network, with around 80% of them caused by […]

Blog: Sew-urgh! What a waste of a day…..

Whenever you see sewers in films, they’re always miraculously well-lit and unnaturally clean. Take that scene in the new Spiderman film when Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Connors plots in his underground lizard lair, or in the Disney cartoon Ratatouille when the rats flee on mini boats, white water rafting style down into Parisian sewers. […]

Matt Damon causes stink with toilet strike

The actor Matt Damon has pledged to go on strike from using the toilet until every person in the world has access to clean water. At a mocked-up press conference in a comedy Youtube video (pictured) which has already been viewed nearly 90,000 times, the film star’s pledge causes mass confusion among fake “news reporters”. […]

Bill Gates gives $100k to solar powered toilet

American billionaire Bill Gates has given $100,000 (£63,800) to researchers to develop a solar powered toilet. The founder of Microsoft awarded the money to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) yesterday at the ‘Reinvent The Toilet Fair’ in Seattle hosted by his charity. A year ago he had challenged universities to come up with a […]