Japan’s nuclear restarts amid protest

A reactor at Japan’s Oi nuclear power plant restarted over the weekend amid what have been described as the largest protests seen in the country in half a decade, according to reports. It is the first reactor to come back online after a countrywide closure of plants in the wake of the devastating tsunami and […]

Smartest Energy celebrate a decade of going green

ELN asks what’s next for the renewables supplier?   Other Smartest Energy stories: Electricity prices to soar 60% in a decade SmartestEnergy welcomes SSE market shakeup Small player paying out most for FiTs Report picks best energy suppliers to boost UK business

Radiation reported in Tokyo

Radiation has been detected in a Tokyo suburb, according to reports from Japan. Japanese media said researchers found radiation levels of 3.35 microsieverts per hour along a street in the west of the capital- 136 miles from Fukushima. According to the Japanese science ministry if this level continues the annual dose of radiation in the […]