Tony Abbott brands wind turbines ‘dark satanic mills of the modern era’

The former Prime Minister of Australia noted he was comforted to hear plans to keep existing coal power stations in operation

New Aussie PM: “We will scrap the carbon tax”

Australia’s new Prime Minister has confirmed he intends to gun down the nation’s carbon tax. Tony Abbott was sworn in as Prime Minister today at a ceremony where he pledged to “well and truly serve the people of Australia”, after a Liberal-National party coalition beat the incumbent Labor and Green party coalition in the September […]

Australia scrapping carbon price early

New Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is planning to scrap the country’s carbon tax and replace it with an emissions trading scheme. Weeks after reclaiming leadership of the Labor Party and Australian Government from his colleague Julia Gillard, Mr Rudd announced the change. Over the weekend, the Prime Minister told reporters: “The Cabinet is working […]

Blog: Can public hatred of politicians be saved by singing MPs?

Has a singing politician Down Under set a ground-breaking precedent in 21st century politicking? There was one ray of light in the dust storm of disapproval felt by the Australian government this week after its controversial carbon tax came into effect. Protestors in Sydney poured their scorn on Aussie PM Julia Gillard – and her […]

Singing Aussie MP in carbon tax parody

An Australian trade Minister has been a hit on the internet after his song and dance parody video has gone viral. Craig Emerson belted out the lyrics “no Whyalla wipeout, there on my TV” to the tune of Skyhooks’ 1970s hit Horror Movie during a television interview yesterday. His parody was a response to a […]

Cold shoulder for Australia’s new carbon tax

Australia’s new carbon tax had a cold reception when it came into effect yesterday, with thousands of protestors reportedly out in force in Sydney. Around 300 big polluters were slapped with a carbon price of $23 (£15) per tonne, a measure the Australian Government hopes will cut carbon pollution by at least 159 million tonnes […]