Cheer up energy’s not in bad shape says Minister

Industry and Energy Minister Jesse Norman has said he doesn’t share the “very gloomy” or “disastrous” outlook on energy. Speaking last night at the Centre for Policy Studies’ fringe session, ‘Keeping the Lights on’ at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, he said it is “charming” the think tank is calling for new policies and […]

UK energy department ‘should be broken up’

The UK Government should break up the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). That’s the view of Tony Lodge, Research Fellow at Centre for Policy Studies, who believes there is a “huge opportunity to separate electricity and other industry parts away from climate change and emissions”. He said the government should also accept the […]

Guest Blog: Tony Lodge – Dear George freeze Carbon if you want to put pounds in our pockets

The Carbon Price Floor is hardly the buzz word around Westminster but it should be. To use a shorter and more descriptive title, this ‘Carbon Tax’ is slowly shaping up to become a real battleground in the run up to the next General Election as its impact is central to the cost of energy and […]

Hayes out, Fallon in: what can we expect?

In yet another reshuffle John Hayes was replaced last week with fellow Tory MP Michael Fallon as Energy Minister. But Fallon will keep his responsibilities at the BIS department, so will this split his focus? ELN ask the industry what they make of the news.

No wonder Horizon was chucked, says energy expert

The Government’s controversial carbon price floor is responsible for the issues facing the nuclear industry. This is according to energy analyst Tony Lodge, who predicted back in January the carbon tax would not incentivise new nuclear build. The Centre for Policy Studies Research Fellow warned the carbon price floor should be re-examined as it only […]

Reporter’s Blog

Scrap carbon tax George and look after industry The carbon price floor- does anyone really understand why it exists? There have been a few energy policies that have divided opinion, but none that have enraged quite so many. The carbon price floor is a cornerstone in the Coalition’s grand plan for Electricity Market Reform- key […]

Fuel poverty set to increase as nuclear declines, according to report

One third of all households in the UK will be in fuel poverty by 2030 unless the Government acts to encourage new nuclear. This is according to the think tank the Centre for Policy Studies, whose new report ‘The Atomic Clock: How the Coalition is gambling with Britain’s energy policy’,has criticised the increased costs of […]