Guest Blog: npower’s Tony Slade on how to save energy effectively

Cash, kilowatts, carbon – how to save energy effectively When it comes to reducing energy, most businesses tend to approach it in the wrong order. I appreciate this is a bold statement, but please bear with me. Organisations looking to make a difference – and generate some headlines in the process – typically opt for […]

Talking Energy with Tony Slade

ELN talks to Tony Slade of npower on the journey from supplier to energy solutions. What is the answer to our energy supply problem? According to Tony it is energy efficiency first, second and third.

Guest Blog: npower’s Tony Slade on Energy Solutions Strategy

Tony Slade is Head of npower’s Energy Solutions division, working with industrial and commercial customers to help them to integrate energy solutions that optimise business energy costs. Here he shares his thinking behind adopting the most effective approach. Why every company needs an energy solutions strategy Optimising energy use is a new concept for many […]