Why megaprojects matter, says EY’s Tony Ward

Rebuilding our energy infrastructure is one of the biggest megaprojects we are facing this century. But what exactly are megaprojects? Who pays for them? Why do they matter to our economy? In this in depth interview Tony Ward from EY takes us through his views on the subject.

Tony Ward & Angela Knight Interview

ELN talks to EY’s Tony Ward and Angela Knight, CEO of Energy UK at Energy Live 2013.

Building More panel discussion

Tony Ward, Kevin McCullough, Sara Vaughan and Piers Clark discuss building more at Energy Live 2013.

Referendum ‘No’ spells oil and gas “sigh of relief”

The oil and gas sector is feeling “relief” after Scotland voted to stay part of the UK according to commentators. This morning it was confirmed the referendum was won with 55% of voters in favour of the union. Lawyers and analysts believe cash can continue to flow into oil and gas. “We have all let […]

“UK is strong marketplace to sell shale gas”

The UK makes a strong marketplace for shale gas because such a great number of homes are heated by natural gas. In a report for the IoD, analysts at consultancy EY calculated 20 million homes could be heated by gas extracted from shale rock under British soil at peak times of production. That’s likely to […]

Tony Ward: Economic recovery could lead to energy capacity crunch

The UK could draw near to a crunch in energy capacity if it has a strong economic recovery, according to the Head of Power and Utilities at EY. In an interview with ELN, Tony Ward said there is a pressing need for the nation to build more infrastructure in order to meet the increasing energy […]

"It’s a different world now"

Never mind 1970s energy policy – back then “it was a different world,” according to EY’s Tony Ward. He was responding to Nigel Lawson’s suggestion Britain should return to the same energy policy as when he was energy secretary three decades ago. In an interview with ELN ahead of the Energy Live 2013 conference, Lord […]

Private sector put 20 Olympic stadiums' worth of cash into energy

The private sector put enough cash into the UK to build the Olympic stadium 20 times in 2012, according to a new report prepared by EY for trade body Energy UK. The ‘Powering the UK 2013’ report released today found £1.6billion more was invested in the UK energy sector last year than in 2011, rising […]

Slow energy reform means UK is losing investment lead

The slow pace of important reforms in the UK’s energy market means the country is losing its lead in investment, according to a top analyst. Tony Ward, Head of Power and Utilities at EY told ELN the UK is no longer standing out and instead “drifting into the pack”. The reform process we’ve been going […]

Energy Live 2013 – Tony Ward invites you to EL2013

Tony Ward, Head of Power & Utilities invites you to Energy Live 2013.