New tool aims to help improve recovery from North Sea oil and gas fields

Current data shows there are more than two billion barrels of oil equivalent in near-field opportunities that could potentially be unlocked

What’s the climate footprint of your travel?

Researchers have developed a tool which they hope will encourage consumers to fly less by highlighting the climate impact of their choices

EBRD unveils climate disclosure web tool

It aims to show businesses how sustainable information can be incorporated into financial reporting

Air pollution could cost England £5.3bn by 2035 unless action is taken

A new tool enables local authorities to estimate the impact on health and savings to the NHS and social care under different pollution scenarios

Partners sought to create shipping emissions tool

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) aims to develop a tool to demonstrate the green performance of shipping vessels. The organisation is currently seeking a partner it can collaborate with to create an accurate and transparent emissions model. The tool will show how various fuels and technologies can be used to reduce pollutants from a range of different ships. It should overcome the main barrier of the industry becoming more sustainable, […]