UK rings in giant £20.9bn package to boost grid capacity

Revealing its much-anticipated RII0-ED2 draft determinations, Ofgem has proposed to slash returns for power distribution companies

EDF and SSE appeal against Ofgem’s decision on transmission charges

EDF and SSE have appealed against Ofgem’s decision to reject a code modification on charges to generators for the electricity transmission system in 2015/16. The energy firms said electricity generators were overcharged for using the national transmission system that period and allege it is “unlawful”. Generators’ network charges in 2015/16 exceeded the €2.50 (£2.23)/MWh cap […]

Ofgem rejects £120m rebate request for generators

Ofgem has rejected a request to modify rules that would have resulted in generators receiving a £120 million rebate funded by consumers. Generators claimed their network charges in 2015/16 exceeded the €2.50 (£2.23)/MWh cap on transmission charges paid by them, which is set under EU regulations. The proposal was requested by SSE in March 2016 […]

Ofgem confirms changes to electricity transmission charges

Ofgem has today announced changes to the way it calculates what generators pay to use the electricity transmission network. Generators pay charges to flow power across the network while suppliers pay to take power from the network and transport it to homes and businesses. Transmission charges account for 4% of a household energy bill. Generators […]

Scotland happy with planned cut to wind farm charges

Changes to charges imposed on energy generators which mean renewable projects such as wind farms could pay less to use transmission networks have been welcomed with glee by the Scottish National Party (SNP). Yesterday the regulator Ofgem said “it is minded to approve” a reduced change for intermittent energy generation because charges at the moment […]

Transmission charge ‘status quo’ unacceptable

Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing yesterday slammed the “unfair” charges on Scottish energy generators for using the transmission grid. His comments come as Ofgem announced plans to even out the charges generators pay. Currently some Scottish generators pay more because in the past they generated energy further away from highly populated areas. Ofgem plans to […]

Ofgem plans changes to electricity transmission charges

Ofgem is planning changes to the way it charges power generators for using the high voltage transmission grid, it announced yesterday. The plans could see charges for some Scottish power generators plummet up to 60% but others in the South may see small rises, says the industry regulator. An Ofgem spokesperson admitted the changes will […]