Transparent green energy package launched

The UK’s first independently certified 100% renewable energy package has been launched. SmartestEnergy’s electricity product has been verified by the Carbon Trust to make sure that every MW/h sold to its customers has had zero carbon impact and originates only from renewable sources. Many suppliers already provide 100% green offerings but this is the first in the market to have its carbon credentials checked by an […]

Webinar at 1:30pm: TPIs – transparency and trust

Giles Hankinson, CEO of Utility Aid, Emily Groves, MD of last year’s Most Trusted TELCA winners Indigo Swan and Michael Dent, MD of Inprova Energy join ELN Editor Sumit Bose for a robust chat on broker fees and reputation. Don’t miss it!

Gillian Noble of ScottishPower talks frankly to TPIs about commission rates

Gillian Noble, Sales Director at ScottishPower tackles a tough question on transparency of fees and comission rates, from a member of the TPI audience at the recent Energy Live Consultancy Conference.

UK joins global fight against corruption in oil, gas sector

The UK’s application to join a voluntary global initiative aimed at fighting corruption in the oil, gas and mining sectors has been approved. It joins the US and 40 other nations that are part of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which brings together governments, companies and civil society groups to promote transparency in the […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Honest views and transparency

How many people, in the energy sector or elsewhere, would like to say what they really think about matters affecting their businesses or discipline on a day-to-day basis? With comments clearly comes responsibility. There are constantly developing and prevailing scandals within the political world about honesty and transparency but these, unfortunately, also impact how people […]

Payments to turn off fossil fuel stations ‘six times more than wind’

The amount paid to switch off fossil fuel power stations such as coal and gas are “six times greater” than payments made to wind generators. That’s according to the head of trade group Scottish Renewables who is calling for greater transparency around these constraint payments. All types of electricity generation get incentives if they are […]

Caroline Flint: Ofgem hasn’t been the guardian of public interest

Energy regulator Ofgem “hasn’t done the job it needs to do” as a “guardian of the public interest” and that is why it needs to be abolished. That’s the view of Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint, who claims Labour’s plans for a new independent regulator will do much more as the energy market needs a […]

Energy brokers must ‘come clean’ about ‘hidden commissions’

Energy brokers and suppliers are challenged to “come clean” and clearly state the amount of “hidden commissions” included on energy bills. The call from Schneider Electric comes ahead of the Energy Live 2013 conference tomorrow. One of the main sponsors of the event, it is also asking consumers if they are prepared to put up […]

Energy Buyers vs. Energy Brokers

How much bang for the buck are you getting as an energy buyer? This week Ofgem closes the comments deadline for a new set of third party intermediary (TPI) standards and we want to get the debate going ahead of an ‘Energy buyers vs. Energy brokers’ seminar we are looking to stage at this year’s Energy […]

Reforms to give consumers ‘simpler and clearer’ energy market

Detailed tough new standards for energy suppliers to make the market simpler and help consumers find the best deal has been published today. The reforms are part of Ofgem’s plans for a “simpler, clearer and fairer” market and will tackle problems of consumer confusion over energy tariffs, poor supplier behaviour and lack of transparency in […]