Scientists transform CO2 into sustainable fuel

The process is designed to contribute to initiatives aimed at decreasing industrial emissions

OVO slashes home EV charging costs to 7p per kWh

EV owners can drive for less than 3p per mile and obtain a year’s worth of charging for £190

Major retailers urged to reduce petrol prices by 5p per litre

Current analysis reveals that petrol prices remain high compared to wholesale costs, with consumers losing out, while retailers profit

UK Power Networks receives £6.2m for decarbonisation projects

UK Power Networks has secured the funding from Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund for 13 projects supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s heat and transport sectors

UK to revamp EV charging infrastructure rules

The Department for Transport is set to revise local transport plans, ensuring the inclusion of local electric vehicle charging strategies and the provision of essential charge points by local transport authorities

‘£1bn EV charging fund still unallocated after three years’

A £1 billion fund intended to expand the UK’s electric vehicle charging network, announced in 2020, remains unallocated after more than three years

Hydrogen bus fleet project gains momentum

Luxfer Gas Cylinders and Ricardo have formed a partnership to advance a project that aims to deploy 150 hydrogen-powered buses on UK routes by 2024

‘UK’s cheapest’ EV energy tariff unveiled

EDF and Pod Point have partnered to introduce an electric vehicle charging tariff, priced at 7.4p per kilowatt-hour during overnight hours

UK Power Networks celebrates 20-year HS1 partnership

UK Power Networks Services is working with High Speed 1, the UK’s sole high-speed railway

France unveils battery-powered trains

SNCF Voyageurs and Alstom have introduced the first battery-powered regional train in France