Guest Blog: Darren Robertson – For healthier energy prices, check Pulse

Every year businesses wait to begin their search for lower cost energy until their contract becomes due for renewal. And every year the deal they get is never as good as the deal they want. It’s like last-minute Christmas shopping, or going to the dentist with a tooth-ache – you have to ask, why wait […]

You'll only save energy if you understand your usage – Trident Utilities

Businesses will only save energy if they understand how they use it, according to experts at Trident Utilities. The utility broker which is one of the supporting sponsors of the Energy Live 2013 conference next week said it is helping businesses “use less and build more” and believes the two are “inextricably linked”. Director of Energy Trading […]

Guest Blog: Dr Andy Higgins – Are suppliers sinister… or just incompetent?

Energy procurement companies are constantly asked for a full evaluation of the market as people search for better energy prices – in today’s business environment that’s perfectly understandable. It is now quite commonplace for a single energy user to ask a number of brokers to simultaneously use their energy data to approach the same Big […]