World Cup kicks off TV recycling at Veolia plant

The football tournament has led to a 65% surge in the number of devices being handed in to the firm’s recycling facility

Perky new EU efficiency rules for coffee machines and energy labels

New coffee machines will have to switch off or into standby automatically after a set length of time, under EU rules which kicked in on New Year’s Day. The European Commission claims drip filter coffee machines will use a third less electricity as a result of this, saving people around €45 (£35) for the lifetime […]

Anything green on the box tonight?

How green is your TV? That’s the question being posed by a new international competition which is searching for the world’s most efficient television. The Global Efficiency Medal is being awarded by SEAD which is part of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), a global forum promoting sustainable living. The first award will focus on televisions, […]

Quarter of holidaying Brits leave gadgets on

A quarter of Brits are leaving on their household gadgets while going on holiday. A new poll among 2,000 people found that 23% forget to unplug appliances like microwaves and DVD players. The biggest culprits were 18-to-24 year-olds, with almost a third admitting that they ‘forgot’ to unplug before packing their bags and leaving the […]