Siemens Gamesa offshore turbine ‘typhoon-resistant’

It has received a second rotor-nacelle assembly (RNA) IEC certificate covering resistance to extreme wind conditions

Charity bringing solar light to typhoon-hit Philippines

An Estonian charity is to install 2,000 makeshift solar lights in the Philippines. The region is still recovering from the super typhoon Haiyan. Figures released this week put the death toll from the natural disaster at nearly 6,000. The lights are made from recycled plastic bottles, filled with water and a little bleach to keep […]

Japan braces for storm to hit Fukushima

A powerful typhoon is reported to be heading for the Fukushima area in Japan. According to the Guardian, Junichi Matsumoto, a Tepco spokesman, said: “The biggest cause for concern is the rise of [radioactive] water levels in the [reactors’] turbine buildings.” Typhoon Roke is now on course to hit the Fukushima prefecture, which was ravaged […]