UK plans to ban underground coal gasification

The UK Government has announced it “minded to not support” underground coal gasification (UCG) projects. Its decision follows a report by consultant Atkins, commissioned by BEIS, which states the technique of injecting oxygen and steam underground to release gas from coal seams would significantly increase the country’s emissions. It also points out if power stations use […]

Scotland bans underground coal gasification

The Scottish Government has confirmed it will not support underground coal gasification (UCG) developments. It put a moratorium on UCG last year so evidence could be gathered and considered and a new independent report highlights “serious development concerns”. UCG is a method of extracting gas from coal seams that are too deep underground to be […]

Subsea coal burners pick planning consultant

The company which intends to burn coal under the seabed off the coast of Scotland has picked an environment consultant to help with planning consent. Cluff Natural Resources said today this is “an important step” for commercialising its plans for underground coal gasification (UCG). It believes there is 335 million tonnes of coal under the sea […]

Subsea coal struck under Scotland’s Firth of Forth

There are millions of tonnes of coal under the Firth of Forth in Scotland, it was announced today a firm which hopes to burn the coal to extract it as a gas. Cluff Natural Resources estimated 335 million tonnes of coal lie underwater in a swathe of the river estuary near to the Grangemouth oil, gas […]