Energy bill-fuelled financial insecurity named as ‘biggest concern’ for Brits

Britons are more concerned about finances than catching Covid, a new survey shows

‘Net zero can be achieved without damaging the economy’

A new study from UCL says that net zero should not signal doom and gloom for economic growth

Super thin solar panels could be the answer to a greener future

New research has made these ultra-thin panels 25% more energy absorbent

Artist paints a green future for coal mine sludge with pigment creation

Onya McCausland’s ‘Six Bells Red’ line of pigments has been launched at the Coal Authority’s Six Bells mine water treatment scheme in South Wales

Air pollution could cause ‘substantial harm to mental health’

That’s the conclusion reached in new research from UCL, which studied data from 16 countries to observe the link between harmful fumes in the air people breathe and the unseen health risks that can potentially result

Molecular arrangement ‘could boost solar panel energy output’

Imperial College London and University College London say the discovery could boost efficient and cut costs

House of Lords report slammed as ‘backward’ and ‘slanted’

A House of Lords report which states consumers may be paying “unnecessarily high costs” for energy has been slammed as “backward looking” and “slanted”. The Economic Affairs Committee believes higher costs are due to successive government interventions in the electricity sector, which has led to an “opaque, complicated and uncompetitive market”. MPs on the Committee […]

‘Tougher UK policies needed’ for clean energy success

The UK will require an “ambitious policy package” if it wants to reduce carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy. That’s according to researchers from University College London. It suggests government policies are a vital part of changing the way the country supports clean energy and sustainability efforts. They believe policies “may be falling short”, hindering […]

UV light from power cables “puts off animals”

Humans can’t see them – but flashing UV lights may put animals off approaching high voltage power cables. Scientists believe power cables are behind the animal behaviour which has puzzled many for years. A team of researchers from London and Norway found power lines give off ultraviolet as irregular flashes at insulators (usually porcelain or […]

Rolls Royce and UCL research energy efficient ships

Britain once ruled the sea – and its merchant fleet could be “greened” if new research is successful. Rolls Royce is helping UCL with research on improving the energy efficiency of Britain’s shipping industry. The £2million project at the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is hoping to improve ships’ efficiency by more than 30%. The work […]