UK’s last deep coal mine to close

The last deep coal mine in the UK will stop production today. The final shift at Kellingley Colliery is expected to end after noon. The closure of the site, located in North Yorkshire, completes a two-year shutdown plan for the country’s deep mines. Owner UK Coal received financial support from the government to close it. Kellingley began […]

Two coal mines to close as government refuses aid

Two of the last three UK coal pits are to close by the end of the year. Energy Minister Matthew Hancock confirmed the government would not provide £338 million of taxpayers’ cash which would have kept the mines open until 2018. UK Coal had asked for the money for the mines at Kellingley (pictured) in […]

UK Coal boss resigns

The boss of mining business UK Coal has resigned ahead of the company’s managed closure after it went into administration. Chief Executive Officer Kevin McCullough joined the coal firm 18 months ago from his role as Chief Operating Officer at npower. Last year Mr McCullough told audiences at Energy Live 2013 the UK should make […]

Lords vote against tougher coal plants rule in UK

Coal plants already running in the UK won’t be put under stricter emissions rules in future. That’s after Lords voted against adding an ‘emissions performance standard’ or EPS to the Energy Bill which is going through parliament. Yesterday they rejected an amendment which would have forced coal plants to cut carbon emissions by 2025. They […]

Britain should ‘import less coal while we still use it so much’

Britain should import less coal and make better use of our “national treasure” according to Kevin McCullough (pictured, right), Chief Executive of UK Coal. Mr McCullough said: “We rely on 40% of electricity generated from coal today yet indigenous supplies of coal amount to about 5% or 6%. We import a hell of a lot […]

The cost of EDF’s nuclear deal is ‘immaterial’

The high strike price agreed by the Government for EDF’s planned nuclear plant at Hinkley Point is “immaterial” according to the Chief Executive of UK Coal. Kevin McCullough (pictured right) told the audience for the Building More panel at Energy Live 2013 on Thursday the deal was the right thing for the country, adding: “Frankly […]

‘There isn’t a free market at all – it’s completely manipulated’

The UK’s energy market “isn’t a free market at all” according to Kevin McCullough, Chief Executive of UK Coal (pictured right). Speaking at Energy Live 2013, he said Britain’s market was instead “completely manipulated”. Asked whether the Government was ‘picking winners,’ the Head of Power and Utilities at EY, Tony Ward (pictured left), said the […]

The ‘great lie’ of the energy debate

Consumers have been told a “great lie” about rising energy prices according to E.ON’s Director of Strategy and Regulation, Sara Vaughan (pictured centre). She told the audience at Energy Live 2013: “We are pretending to consumers that we can do all this without the prices going up and if the prices do go up it’s […]

Energy Live 2013 – Kevin McCullough invites you to EL2013

Kevin McCullough, CEO of UK Coal invites you to Energy Live 2013.

Coal chief mines for insight at Energy Live 2013

Coal boss Kevin McCullough is joining the top line-up at Energy Live 2013 in November. The chief executive of UK Coal has been at the helm of the firm since January 2013 and is a mine of knowledge on the UK energy sector. He will be well aware of the pressures on the nation’s energy […]