Economist Events UK Energy Summit

Building a sustainable and affordable future? June 27th, 2013, London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square. Join over 150 top policy makers, industry executives and influential thinkers for an open, thought provoking and solutions-focused debate on the future of UK energy policy. This is your opportunity to post questions to key players in the UK Energy debate […]

Hopes that Energy Bill is “priority” in Queen’s Speech

The chair of the Parliament’s energy policy ‘watchdog’ hopes the Energy Bill will feature prominently in the Queen’s Speech tomorrow. But this could be a challenge if the Department for Energy and Climate Change doesn’t exercise more “muscle” when it comes to dealing with other departments on Government, suggested MP Tim Yeo, chair of the energy […]

Reporter’s Blog: Please, fancy dress protestors – don’t confuse the energy sector any more

Inside, E.ON’s chief Tony Cocker revealed he dislikes the phrase “Big Six”, while later, the head of EDF Energy Vincent de Rivaz insisted there isn’t a “cartel”. But that’s exactly what hundreds of protestors outside the Economist’s UK Energy Summit yesterday were complaining about. Some dressed up as Robin Hood, complete with Sherwood green tights […]

Protestors: Big Six “cartel” has sewn up energy market

“The Big Six have sewn up the energy market and are ripping off consumers across the country.” Those were the words of one protestor in the crowd around me, as we were held for three hours in a police cordon. The hundred-strong group of people outside the Economist UK Energy Conference today had come, they […]

The UK Energy Summit

Economist Conferences brings you their third annual UK Energy Summit in May. With over 150 of the country’s top policy makers, industry executives and influential thinkers attending it will be a must attend event for anyone in the energy sector. An estimated investment of £200bn is needed by 2020 to fund the building of an […]

Asda spends £85m on low carbon stores

Supermarket Asda has invested £85m in renewable energy plans… and expects to get a payback on the investment in two years. Energy is the second biggest area of business risk to the company, coming just behind labour costs. Robert Simpson, Asda’s head of technical development, told the UK Energy Summit that by 2015, 25% of […]

Arup chief pulls plug on electric car optimism

Doubts have been cast on the potential success of electric cars by the energy director of global consultancy Arup. John Miles said that electric cars faced several hurdles, the biggest of which was their price. “How do you convince people to spend £20k on a car that they currently pay 10k for? The cost is […]