Chilly January forecast bumps up gas prices – DMR

Forecasts of a colder end to the month are boosting UK power and gas prices today, according to the daily market report. Ben Spry, Optimisation Desk Manager at npower said: “We’ve had revised temperature forecasts showing it’s going to be a little bit cooler for the rest of January, going into February. Quite understandably that’s lifted […]

Good renewable output pushes power price down

A decent chunk of electricity from renewable energy sources today is helping cap power prices for next month, suggests the daily market report from npower. Steve Walker, Client Portfolio Manager at npower said: “Markets have dipped this morning with key drivers being an oversupplied prompt gas market, demand beginning to fall after the recent cold […]

“Bullish” trend of UK power prices goes on – DMR

A “bullish” trend of UK power prices edging up should continue today, according to the Daily Market Report from npower. The analysts pegged the push upwards on a “tighter” power system, with a gap of less than 10 gigawatts (GW) between how much energy we need and what supply is available. Gemma Bruce, Client Portfolio […]

Cold spell pushes power and gas prices higher – DMR

A cold spell sweeping the country continues to push up short-term UK gas and power prices, according to the daily market report from npower. As people reach for the thermostats, demand from households – signalled by the LDZ network of gas pipes – is higher said Gemma Bruce, Client Portfolio Manager at the supplier’s Optimisation Desk. […]

Flat prices despite failed Russia-Ukraine energy talks

Prices on the UK power and electricity Markets looked flat this morning despite energy talks failing between Russia and Ukraine over an unpaid gas bill, according to the daily market report from npower. More talks were scheduled so this may have taken the sting out of the news, suggested the report. Elsewhere on the UK […]

Power prices for next year rise after Didcot fire – DMR

The fire at Didcot gas plant is likely to have pushed up prices for electricity bought for delivery in Spring next year. Though prices actually fell on Monday, the day after flames engulfed cooling towers at the plant, analysts believe it has edged up prices for the first three months of 2015 (known as Q1). In […]

Italy’s high price attracts UK gas – DMR

Higher gas prices in Italy are drawing gas produced in the UK, reported the daily market report from npower. This is evident from gas flows to the continent via the IUK gas pipeline, which connects Bacton on the rump of England with Zeebrugge on the coast of Belgium, according to the market update. Gemma Perks, […]

Flat oil prices despite rebels seizing Iraq oilfields

Oil prices so far seem unaffected after the seizure of key Iraqi oilfields by rebels, according to the daily market report from npower. Steven Walker, Client Portfolio Manager at the supplier’s Optimisation Desk said: “Oil markets are broadly flat despite Iraqi oilfields falling under control of Islamic state, the breakaway al-Qaeda group.” At the end […]

Japan’s nuclear bail out ‘won’t affect UK power prices’

Japan’s plan to ditch nuclear power and use gas instead “shouldn’t have any major impact” on UK energy prices and access to gas supply. Risk experts believe Japan’s increased dependence on gas in the short-term is unlikely to affect UK gas prices. Andrew Horstead at energy and carbon management specialists Utilyx said: “UK gas prices […]