Squid Game is ‘nearly ten times more discussed topic than COP26’

Boris Johnson has more than 20 times more COP26 related online mentions than Greta Thunberg, according to new research

Nope for COP26?

A staggering 90% of Brits do not have a clue about what COP26 is

COP26 seeks sponsors with ‘strong climate credentials’

Businesses with ambitious net zero commitments by 2050 or earlier with a reliable short term action plan will be prioritised

The 3.6m UK cars licensed in the last decade ‘would cover entire the British coastline’

This increase of cars has been said to ‘worsen road conditions, air quality and increase dramatically carbon emissions’

International climate change agreement reached

An international climate agreement was agreed this weekend at COP17 in Durban. The deal brings together, for the first time, all major emitters into international efforts to limit global warming. However, many are still critical as the deal’s not likely until 2015. Governments, which included 35 industrialised countries, agreed a second commitment period of the […]