Fracking calm down on shale gas

After the hullabaloo of the summer, Energy Secretary Ed Davey gave a speech this week hailing shale gas as future boon for the UK, one we would be churlish to turn our noses up at. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis was at his Royal Society showing to get the shale gas lowdown.

Guest Blog: Filippo Gaddo – Shale we take a step into the future?

I was reading a Wall Street Journal article about the demise of the Indian telegraph system last week and its title was ‘The future doesn’t stop.” After 163 years you won’t be able to send a telegram from Mumbai to Melbourne or Madhurai, the telegraph system has been consigned to the history bin. It had […]

Government pledges ‘responsible development’ for shale gas

The Government has revealed it is creating a set of “robust regulation” to speed up shale gas development in the country. Speaking at the first meeting of the new All Parliamentary Group for Unconventional Gas & Oil (APPG) in the House of Commons today, Energy Minister Michael Fallon (pictured) confirmed more than 300 licences for […]

US shale gas boom ‘could spread globally’ by 2030

Unconventional sources of oil and gas which have transformed the US energy market are likely to spread to other parts of the world and play an increasingly important role in global energy markets. That’s according to BP’s ‘Energy Outlook 2030’ report which sets out the fuel firm’s views of the most likely developments in global […]

China opens shale gas auction

China has announced it will hold a public auction of shale gas next month. The auction, which is expected to boost exploration and development of the gas, will include 20 shale gas blocks in eight provinces, covering an area of 20,002 square kms. The participants are allowed a maximum of two bids and must be […]

Shell to invest $1bn in China’s shale gas

Royal Dutch Shell plans to invest around $1billion (£633million) a year in China’s shale gas resources, according to reports. The move is part of its strategy to expand in the world’s biggest energy market, with reports claiming China is estimated to hold the world’s largest reserves of unconventional gas. Earlier this year, the firm secured […]

Oil and gas need “game-changing” technologies

The UK oil and gas industry risks falling behind if it doesn’t adapt to “game-changing” technologies, according to a former Dyson chief. Sir Richard Needham, Non-Executive Chairman of Seamwell said alternative technologies are needed to revolutionise the energy market and for future security. The comment follows Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement yesterday about gas still being […]