Underground hydrogen storage project boosted with £300k

The UK could see the first of a kind scheme that stores green hydrogen in underground shafts

TfL unveils green trains for Piccadilly line

The trains are claimed to consume 20% less energy than existing models

Underground line to heat up homes in north London

Waste heat from the Northern Line will be harnessed to provide heating and hot water to around 1,000 homes in Islington

US ‘has 60GW of untapped geothermal energy capacity under its feet’

That’s the verdict from the US Department of Energy (DoE), which says the underground power source is “America’s untapped energy giant”

Can you provide low carbon power for London’s Underground?

Transport for London is seeking responses on purchasing low carbon energy directly from local generators with a supply greater than 1MW

Hybrid power solution for London Underground station

Off Grid Energy claims the technology will result in fuel efficiency and reduce emissions and noise pollution while cutting costs

London tube travellers ‘more exposed to pollution than drivers’

Car drivers in London are causing the most pollution per commuter but are the least exposed to it. That’s according to new research, which revealed commuters who use the Underground are actually the most exposed to toxic air quality, followed by those on buses. Researchers at the University of Surrey found underground trains with open […]

Green cars going underground in London

Electric vehicles are going underground – almost, as sixty new charging points for electric cars have just been installed at 12 tube stations around London. They are built in the car parks of stations on the outskirts of the capital, such as High Barnet on the Northern line, Stanmore on the Jubilee and the Victoria […]

Blog: Boozing in the dark – trendsetting or worrying?

Cruising into east London for a birthday bash last weekend, I was ready for an unofficial national pastime – boozing down the pub. Arriving fashionably late, dusk had well and truly settled on the bicycle-filled, skinny jeans-littered streets of Shoreditch. Pushing through to the darkened interior, I thought I was witnessing the beginning of a […]

Five dead in China’s coal mine gas blast

A  gas blast in a coal mine in China has led to five deaths, Chinese media reported. The accident occurred in East China’s Anhui province yesterday in the privately-owned Wunan Coal mine. An investigation showed six people were working underground at the time of the accident and one is still missing. Reports claim the municipal Government […]