‘European jobs could soar by 5.7m with sustainable and digital investments’

A new report has suggested these investments are needed for Europe to bridge the gap with the rest of the world post-pandemic

Can 250,000 green apprenticeships fix the youth unemployment crisis?

A new report warns if the current youth unemployment rate remains the same for a year, it could cost the economy £39bn

Energy prices are ‘bigger threat’ than unemployment

UK consumers believe rising energy prices are the “biggest threat” to their finances and standard of living. That’s according to YouGov’s new ‘Household Economic Activity Tracker’ (HEAT), which found people are more concerned about energy bills going up than they are about unemployment, inflation and taxes. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 […]

Energy security ‘less worrying than unemployment’

A tiny fraction of Brits think energy security is a big issue in the UK compared with unemployment. That’s according to a new government-commissioned poll which found 43% of people believe unemployment is the top concern compared with a mere 3% who chose energy supply. Climate change was seen as even less of a worry […]

Green sector bucks the US jobless trend

The green sector is bucking the US trend for unemployment, it has been suggested. According to North American gas and electricity supplier Mxenergy, growth in the industry is driving up demand for trained workers. Unemployment in the United States currently stands at 9.1%, with thousands jobless in some sectors. But the green sector can expect […]