‘Climate change puts one billion children’s lives at risk’

New UNICEF report reveals young people living in the Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria and Guinea are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

Bangladeshi cooking stoves to offset M&S carbon

A UNICEF scheme to hand out fuel efficient cooking stoves in Bangladesh will help Marks & Spencer offset its carbon footprint. The retailer is set to start the project early this year by giving money toward 40,000 cook stoves which will be made, sold and repaired by local workers. The stoves are meant to improve […]

Blog – They frack you up, your mum and dad

She could see me coming a mile off. The reporter with a cameraman in tow was in her sights. As I looked out over the tents, protestors and policemen outside Cuadrilla’s drilling site in Balcombe, the floaty dress-wearing, grey-haired woman took my arm. “I’ve got a GREAT story for you. See that boy over there? […]

British kids call for action on climate change

Three quarters of young children in Britain are “deeply concerned” about the impact of climate change, a new survey reveals. It found children aged between 11-16 are worried about how climate change will affect their lives and said they would like the Government to do more to combat it. Two thirds of those surveyed were […]